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Kindergarten through High School Graduation

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1442 Fulton Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94117


(415) 724-7458

Welcome To DCSDCS

Since 1970, The Discovery Center School has successfully provided a very supportive learning environment for the development of excellence in each of our young learners.

We value

  • creativity and individuality
  • hard work and persistence
  • critical thinking
  • cooperativeness
  • risk taking
  • cheerfulness, a sense of joy and wonder

Our curriculum

  • provides a solid foundation of basic skills
  • infuses logic and reasoning throughout the learning process
  • is structured and follows the California learning frameworks for students
  • encourages learning through performance, application, and demonstration
  • has a plethora of active hands-on support materials and activities
  • is motivational and of high interest to the kids
  • undergoes review and updating on a regular basis

The social atmosphere we encourage

  • is built upon the foundation of our 'Life Skills' program
  • supports our Code of Conduct-"Take Care of Yourself, Others, and This Place"
  • upholds individual respect and responsibility
  • accepts and honors differences, strengths, gifts, and interests
  • celebrates progress, self-confidence, caring
  • acknowledges that we learn through our life experiences

At DCS, we believe education is more than just an accumulation of facts. We serve our students as the sensitive, intelligent, creative beings they are. We believe the purpose of our school is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment so that our students may nurture and develop the unique excellence within each of them.

Come take a peek within the Web site. See with your HEAD. Then consider visiting so that you may feel with your HEART the presence of active learning taking place each and every day at DCS.

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